Six Pictures: Reading Terminal Market

Four months living in Philadelphia hotels was dramatically improved by the Reading Terminal Market. Since 1892 it has been a huge indoor public market, bringing together food vendors from across the spectrum of taste at low, low prices. Inspired, I ate fresh and well daily, and occasionally took a few pictures.


Six Pictures: La Belle Vie

The painting complete, to celebrate Sarah and I went to La Belle Vie. A glorious meal inspired both my mouth and Six Pictures: La Belle Vie.


Six Pictures: USA vs. Brazil

As blogged over at the mothership, on September 9, I attended the USA vs. Brazil friendly football match. The on-field action was scintillating, but the crowds were just as entertaining. Brazil fans dominated, and did so colorfully. Turning my camera on the crowd yielded Six Pictures: USA vs. Brazil.


Six Pictures: Scot's Wedding

Scot and Kelly got married. I took pictures. Hence:Six Pictures: Scot's Wedding.


Six Pictures: Trash on the Beach

A trip to Hampton Beach, NH to quickly turned disgusting. Garbage strewn about the sand inspired Six Pictures: Trash on the Beach.


Six Pictures: Italian Food

Whether in a restaurant or a market in a plaza, fresh, gorgeous produce was widely available in Rome. So gorgeous and fresh it compelled me to start shooting, and I quickly developed Six Pictures: Italian Food.


Six Pictures: Keukenhof

Our final vacation day we traveled by bus to a spectacular garden 30 minutes outside Amsterdam. With M&T's Canon A75, I shot: Six Pictures: Keukenhof.


Six Pictures: West Coast Swing

Stopping in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Portland, my recent West Coast trip was a welcome break from the cold and the house. Camera in hand throughout the trip yielded Six Pictures: West Coast Swing.


Six Pictures: Sub-zero cooking

With temperatures in Minneapolis below zero throughout the weekend, I spent much of my time in the kitchen. The results included two quiche, two soups, a stew, two loaves of bread, about 90 cookies and Six Pictures: Sub-zero cooking.


Six Pictures: Unpublished in 2006

I shot over 2,000 photos in 2006. To close the book on 2006, Six Pictures: Unpublished in 2006 highlights a few personal favorites not seen before in the chabel.net media empire.



Six Pictures: The Dogs

While staying with Mollie and Trevor I'm also staying with Kiley and Banjo, their two dogs. One afternoon, lamenting the Twins' loss, I shot Six Pictures: The Dogs.


Six Pictures: Citizens Bank Park

On August 18 I watched the Washington Nationals defeat the Philadelphia Phillies at Citizens Bank Park. While there, I took the opportunity to shoot Six Pictures: Citizens Bank Park


Six Pictures: Not My House

Having bid unsuccessfully on a house, I decided to make use of the photos I took. And so, Six Pictures: Not My House


Six Pictures: Grass Valley, CA

While visiting family in California, I spent some time wandering around the backyard, and shot:
Six Pictures: Grass Valley, CA


Six Pictures: Hartsfield-Jackson Airport

On my way to Las Vegas I had a six hour layover in Atlanta. With nothing to do, I wandered around and played with my camera. The result:Six Pictures: Hartsfield-Jaconson Atlanta International Airport


Six Pictures: Amsterdam

Before Lisbon and Madrid, I had a 22 hour layover in Amsterdam. Though a bit chilly, I spent about five hours walking around the city, took in a couple of museums, and was in bed by about 8. Though I only spent about 12 hours in the city, I did shoot:
Six Pictures: Amsterdam


Six Pictures: Lisbon

After three days at the beach in Salema, we spend an afternoon in Lisbon. Spending our limited time walking around the old parts of the city, I managed to come up with:

Six Pictures: Lisbon

Six Pictures: Madrid's Botanical Gardens

Wondering about on a beautiful afternoon in Madrid, Rebecca and I found ourselves at the entrance to the botanical gardens. Who could resist, especially with the opportunity to create:

Six Pictures: Madrid's Botanical Gardens